Everything works out better
when you start with a mind map

Why mind mapping?
Using mind maps ignites creativity, encourages brainstorming & makes it easy to organize your information and provide clarity.
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Why MindGenius?
MindGenius combines its powerful mind mapping with standard tools for defining tasks, assigning resources, and tracking progress.

MindGenius is more than mind mapping.

We can help you to success in many other things that matter — such as:

  • Project Management
  • Meetings
  • Writing projects
  • Students’ class notes
  • Your job search
  • Your next vacation
  • Your wedding!
  • General note-taking
  • Teacher’s lesson plans.
How do projects go wrong?
37% of projects fail because of inaccurate gathering of requirements. Most project management applications fail to help you do the all-important up-front preparation and planning and only focus on task management.
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Projects done right.
MindGenius 20 and MindGenius Online start at the very beginning to help you create a foundation of expectations and goals. Our mind map software makes it simple to define and prioritize things such as objectives, requirements, budget, key milestones, critical deadlines, risks, and constraints.

What do our customers say?

"MindGenius has impressed many of my partners, and has clearly won over new admirers used to expensive solutions with less functionality.”
"We use MindGenius to put all our ideas and thoughts together in one place.”
"This product has the opportunity to really make a difference to the way people plan and work."

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